Understanding FR44 Filings

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Learn about this unique form of coverage.

If you have been convicted of a DUI in the state of Florida, then you are legally required to carry special auto insurance to have your license reinstated.  This insurance is known as Florida FR44 insurance, and it is designed to ensure that drivers formerly convicted of driving while under the influence are carrying higher bodily injury liability limits.  Generally, FR44 insurance offers coverage limits of 100/300/50.  This translates into $100,000 bodily injury liability coverage per person, $300,000 total bodily injury liability coverage, and $50,000 property damage liability coverage per accident.

When you secure FR44 insurance, the FR44 filing is electronically submitted to the state of Florida within 24-hours of the policy being written.  While the state will decide how long you are required to carry an FR44 policy, drivers are normally required to keep this insurance for three years.

Even if you do not own a vehicle, you should still purchase FR44 insurance so you are covered if you borrow a loved one’s car, rent a car, or use a car-sharing service.  There is special non-owners FR44 insurance for this specific situation.

It’s important to note that FR44 insurance works slightly differently than standard auto insurance policies.  Rather than paying regularly scheduled premiums, the state of Florida requires that FR44 policies be paid in full for the first six months of coverage.  After this initial coverage period, you may have the option to start making monthly payments when you renew your policy.

This is what you need to know about Florida FR44 insurance.  Do you have additional questions regarding this specialty policy?  If so, then contact the experts at Staybull Insurance.  Our highly-trained insurance experts are ready to assist you with all your coverage needs today.

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