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Staybull writes insurance for many major Florida carriers that offer FR44 insurance including progressive, Foremost, Infinity, Dairyland and more.  We have contracts with all these companies and this allows us to find your FR44 insurance at the cheapest rates possible.  We can also provide cheap named non-owner FR44 policies for individuals that do not have or regularly operate a vehicle.  When you request a quote with us we will search all these companies to find you the lowest rate.  Typically you will have a quote e-mailed to you within minutes during normal business hours.  We are able to submit your FR44 filing to the DMV immediately so you can go get your drivers license back.  We write thousands of FR44 policies all across the state and you can get a quote and purchase your insurance from any computer or smartphone.  Our agents will help you understand the FR44 filing process and guide you through purchasing the policy that is right for you.  We will also do our best to help you get your drivers license and get you back on the road.  Staybull insurance can provide FR44 policies in all areas of Palm Beach County including West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Wellington, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Greenacres, Lake Worth, Royal Palm, Riviera,  Belle Glade and North Palm Beach.  Please feel free to give our office a call if you have any questions and thank you for visiting.


Palm Beach FR44 Requirements

  1. The State of Florida requires you to carry liability limits of 100/300/50.  The is $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident, $50,000 in property damage coverage and basic pip.  These limits are much higher than the average driver has.  The State of Florida considers you to be high risk so they want to make sure that you have high liability limits in the event you injure someone in an accident.
  2. The FR44 filing will be required for three years from the date of original suspension or conviction.  So if you were convicted of your DUI a year ago, you might only need to carry your FR44 for two more years.  It is important to ask your local DMV how long it is required as they will not notify your agent or your insurance company.  If you let you FR44 policy cancel before this time is up then your driver license will be suspended.
  3. You insurance carrier must submit the FR44 filing electronically after you purchase your FR44 policy.  In most cases you will also be provided with a copy of the FR44 certificate so you can bring it into the DMV to get your driver license reinstated.  The electronic filing usually takes about three days to process.  The insurance company can also fax the FR44 certificate to your local DMV if you are in a rush.
  4. The State of Florida does not allow you to make monthly payments on FR44 insurance.  FR44 policies are now “non-cancelable” so they are required to be paid in full.  The State of FLorida wants to insure that if they are going to issue you a driver license that your insurance will not cancel for non-payment.  This also means that in m0st cases you cannot make changes to your FR44 policy.  The best time to make changes is upon renewal of your policy.

Non-Owners FR44 Insurance in Palm Beach

If you do not currently own a vehicle but are required to carry FR44 insurance you might need a non-owners policy.  Named non-owners insurance is typically less expensive as they do not cover much.  Non-owner FR44 policies only provide coverage for your liability of bodily injury and property damage when your operating another person’s vehicle.  They do not provide any coverage for physical damage to the actual vehicle you are driving.  Most named non-owner policies also do not provide any personal injury protection or medical payments coverage if you are injured in a accident.  It is also important to remember that named non-owner policies do not provide coverage for any vehicle own or operate on a regular basis.  This means that if you are operating a vehicle on a daily basis then you should have the FR44 on that vehicle and you would not want to purchase a non-owners policy.  We have great rates on Named non-owners insurance in Palm Beach.  To get a quote click on the link below.


Tips to reduce the cost of your FR44 insurance in Palm Beach

How much does FR44 insurance cost in Palm Beach?  The cost of your FR44 insurance is based to many factors to tell without requesting a quote.  Most insurance companies charge different rates for every zip code and what violations you have.  The company that provides the best rate for you might not be the best for your neighbor that also has a DUI.

To reduce the cost of your FR44 insurance in Palm Beach you might need to:

  • Ask your agent to be sure that you are getting all the discounts you are eligible for.
  • Increase you PIP deductible to $1,000 as personal injury protection can be expensive in large areas like Palm Beach.
  • Consider rejecting comprehensive and collision coverage if you do not have a loan on your vehicle.  Comprehensive and collision coverage is not required with the FR44 filing.
  • Shop around to make sure that you find the best rate possible.
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