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Florida FR44 FilingThe Florida FR44 Filing can be confusing and complex. In this section you will find out exactly what a Florida FR44 Filing is. We can also advise you on any questions you might have, so feel free to call or start a chat!


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What is a Florida FR44 filing?  – The Florida Fr44 filing was created by the state of Florida for individuals that have been convicted of a DUI. The FR44 filing is usually required to be maintained for three years.  

Why do I need an FR44 Filing? Since you have been convicted of a DUI, the state of Florida wants to make sure you maintain continuous insurance coverage.

Why do I need such high bodily injury limits?  – The state of Florida wants to make sure you have enough coverage in the event you injure someone in an accident. Because you have been convicted of driving under the influence you are considered high risk.  

How do I get the FR44 Filing? – The FR44 Filing is now submitted to the state of Florida electronically. When you purchase your auto insurance you must inform you agent that you need an FR44 filing. Usually it takes about five days for the filing to be submitted to the state of Florida.

Do I have to pay the policy in full? – Some insurance companies do make you pay the policy in full, while others will let you make payments.  

How much does Florida FR44 insurance cost? – The cost of Florida FR44 insurance depends on many different factors. Just some of these factors include age, sex, credit worthiness, type of vehicle, location, etc. 



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