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Staybull Insurance specializes in all types of FR44 insurance including Non-Owner. Non-Owner FR44 policies will fulfill the FR44 requirement for individuals without a vehicle. If you do not currently own a vehicle you may need an FR44 Non-Owner policy to get your license back. Non-owner policies provide coverage if you are driving a vehicle that you do not own and cause bodily injury or property damage to others. It is important to note that non-owner auto insurance does not provide physical damage coverage (comprehensive and collision) for any vehicle that you may own or operate. It is also important to note that Non-owner policies do not include personal injury protection (PIP). In some cases medical payments coverage may be added. FR44 Non-owner policies are typically inexpensive because they cover a lot less than a normal auto policy. Many auto insurance companies do not write non-owner insurance but we are here to help. Staybull Insurance has many markets available to help you find FR44 insurance that is affordable for you.

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What is Non-Owner Auto Insurance? 

 Non-owner insurance provides coverage while your operating another person’s vehicle. For example, a non-owners policy would provide coverage for your liability if you took a friend’s vehicle to the store and got into an accident that caused bodily injury or property damage. The non-owners policy would not provide any physical damage coverage for your friends vehicle because your friend should have insurance on the vehicle. Most non-owner policies do not provide PIP coverage if you are injured in an accident, but uninsured/under-insured motorist coverage can be added. The state of Florida may require you to have a non-owners policy if you have gotten a DUI and do not own a vehicle. The state wants to make sure that if you injure someone while you’re operating a non-owned vehicle you have coverage. It is important to remember that named non-owner policies do not provide any coverage for any vehicle you own or regularly operate. If you purchase a vehicle or if you operate a particular vehicle on a regular basis, you should have the FR44 filing on that vehicle.

Florida FR44 Non-Owner Insurance Highlights  

Electronic Filing  – Your FR44 Filing is electronically submitted to the state within 24 hours.  

FR44 Non-Owner Experience – We have extensive experience with non-owner policies and can provide a quote instantly over the phone.  

Price – Our non-owners policies are usually very affordable. We can help you choose the right coverage options to get you back on the road.

Statewide Coverage – We have five locations throughout the state of Florida and can provide you with a policy no matter where you live. You can request a quote, chat with us, and purchase your FR44 insurance from any computer or smartphone.  

Live Chat – Have some questions about non-owner insurance? Use our live chat feature to chat with a licensed Florida insurance agent today. 

 You can also visit our website dedicated to Florida Non-owners FR44 Insurance for more information.  

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