How to find your FR44 case number

It is fairly easy to find your FR44 case number in Florida.  To do so you must go to the Florida drivers license check website at .  You will be prompted to enter your drivers license number and your drivers license information should pull up.  When this information is pulled up you should see something that says “FR conviction.”  Your FR44 case number should be listed.  It is possible that you will see several sets of numbers.  The FR44 case number will be the nine digit number that starts with a four.  If you already have the FR44 on file it may just show your drivers license as “valid” and not show any case numbers.  If this happens then you should contact your insurance company that you have or had to give you the case number.  In some cases you may also see that your drivers license is “pending” suspension and you will see the FR44 case number with a date listed.  You will need to have the FR44 on file by the date listed or your drivers license will be automatically suspended.  It is important to remember that it does take two to three days for FR44 filing to process so it would be smart to purchase your FR44 policy at least thee days before that date.  The FR44 case number is how your FR44 is tracked and submitted to the State of Florida.  It is important to keep this number for your records because you will need it for the duration of your FR44 requirement.  If you have any questions or need help finding your FR44 case number give us a call and we can look it up for you.

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