How Long Do DUIs Stay on Your Driving Record in the State of Florida?

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What to know about DUIs and your driving record.

If you are convicted of a DUI in the state of Florida, then you probably know that you need to secure Florida FR44 insurance to drive again.  What you might not know is how long your DUI will remain on your driving record.  Here’s how a DUI will affect your record.

How Long Will a DUI Remain on Record?

When you get a DUI, it will show up on two public records: your criminal record and your driving record.  In regards to your criminal record, a DUI is a misdemeanor that will remain on your record forever.  When it comes to your driving record, a DUI will remain on file indefinitely.  Additionally, having a DUI on your driving record will affect you in two major ways:

  1. First, if you already have a DUI on record, then getting charged with a second offense will automatically make your penalties worse.
  2. Second, once your auto insurer learns about your DUI, then your premiums will increase significantly.  Fortunately, most insurers will only look at your driving record over the past 3-5 years when calculating your rates.  However, all insurance providers are different, so you will need to speak to your specific insurer to see how long your DUI will affect your rates.

Can You Get a DUI Removed From Your Record?

While you might have heard about people getting their records sealed or expunged to remove crimes from their record, DUI records are not eligible for this in the state of Florida.  This is because DUI convictions require admittance of guilt, and guilty convictions cannot be sealed or expunged.

This is what you need to know about DUIs and your criminal and driving records in the state of Florida.  Have you been convicted of a DUI and need help with your Florida FR44 insurance?  If so, then contact the experts at Staybull Insurance.  We are ready to assist you with your FR44 filing today.

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