Florida High Risk Auto Insurance

Insurance can be expensive in Florida especially if you have a bad driving record.  When you have a bad driving record most insurance companies view you as high risk.  Insurance companies can also consider you high risk if you have a lot of claims on your record.  Most claims and violations on your record are held against you for a period of three years.  Insurance companies charge people with bad driving records more because they believe that you are more likely to have a claim in the future.  Staybull Insurance provides insurance for individuals considered to be high risk.  We write with many insurance companies that accept individuals with bad driving records and prior claims.  Staybull can also provide insurance for individuals with prior personal injury protection claims.  We can also provide SR22 and FR44 filings when required.  Fore more information visit our website dedicated to high risk auto insurance.  Please feel free to give us a call if you would like a quote over the phone.

Some things that can make you a high risk driver…

  • Prior claims – If you have made claims on your insurance in the past.
  • PIP claims – If you have been injured in an accident in the past.
  • Bad driving record – If you have a lot of tickets or violations on your driving record.
  • Accidents – If you have at-fault accidents in the past.
  • Age – Typically youthful drivers are considered to be high risk.
  • Location – Some locations are a much higher risk for insurance companies due to higher accident rates.
  • DUI’s – If you have been convicted for driving under the influence this can make you high risk.

Some tips for high risk drivers in Florida…

Most insurance companies only look at your driving record from the past three years.  Just make sure you drive safe and eventually the older violations will start falling off.  This should cause your insurance rates to decrease over time.  You should also review your driving record with your insurance agent to make sure that all the violations are correct.  Sometimes insurance companies report violations incorrectly and charge you more.  It is also important that you shop around to be sure that you are getting the best available rate.

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