Do I Need Florida FR44 Insurance if I Don’t Own a Car?

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What you need to know about Florida nonowner FR44 insurance.

In the state of Florida, you will need to secure FR44 insurance after you have been convicted of a DUI violation.  This remains true even if you do not currently own a car.  This is why the state offers drivers the ability to secure Florida nonowner FR44 insurance, so they can have their license reinstated following the DUI suspension.

Florida nonowner FR44 insurance is a high-risk auto policy specifically designed to cover drivers who have committed alcohol or drug-related vehicle violations.  Even if you do not own a car, the state will require you to carry this form of insurance to ensure that others are protected in the event that you get behind the wheel of a borrowed vehicle.  However, the coverage offered by nonowner FR44 policies are subject to certain limitations such as the following:

  • They only provide liability coverage (no collision or comprehensive coverage can be added because nonowner policies do not insure a specific vehicle).
  • They cover you only when driving a non-owned vehicle on an occasional basis.
  • They do not cover you when driving household vehicles that you have regular access to.
  • They do not cover you when driving a rental vehicle, a commercial vehicle, or any type of employment-related vehicle.

When you are issued a nonowner FR44 policy, you will have to pay for the first six months of coverage up front.  However, after this period, your insurer will allow you to pay regular premiums like any other auto policy.  Please keep in mind that, due to the high liability coverage limits included in these policies, your premiums will be higher than what they were on your standard policy.

This is what you need to know about Florida nonowner FR44 insurance.   Do you have additional questions regarding your car coverage after a DUI?  If so, then do not hesitate to contact the experts at Staybull Insurance.  We are ready to assist you with your FR44 filing today.

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