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Can I purchase FR44 separate from my regular auto insurance policy?

We get this question a lot here at Staybull Insurance. The short answer is no you cannot. If you own a vehicle, have a vehicle registered to you, operate a particular vehicle on a regular basis, or have regular access to a vehicle, your auto insurance and FR44 must be on the same policy.

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What does a Non-Owners FR44 policy cover in Florida?

Named non-owner policies provide coverage while you are operating non-owned vehicles for bodily injury and property damage to a third party.  This type of policy in secondary over the regular auto policy that is on the vehicle.  The owner of the vehicle should also have a regular auto policy on the said vehicle.  

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What is Non-Owners FR44 Insurance?

Named non-owner policies provide bodily injury and property damage coverage to others while you are operating another person’s vehicle.  This type of policy is very restrictive and does not cover much so they are typically less expensive than a normal auto policy.  Named non-owner policies do not provide any coverage for any vehicle you own or operate on a regular basis.  

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